How to upload Twine games to Newgrounds

Before uploading your Twine game, you’ll need to do some formatting. If you want line breaks between lines, you need to add <br> to the end of your line.

Here’s an example:

You are running as fast as you can. You look over your shoulder and see the robo-tiger still behind you- it’s gaining on you!<br>
There is a split in the path up ahead. Which way will you go?<br>
[[Left|left1]] | [[Right|right1]]

Those <br> bits add line breaks, which will make your story look like this:


Without those <br> bits, even if you press Enter twice, your story will look like this:


That’s the major formatting issue you need to know about before posting Twine games to Newgrounds.

The next step is actually uploading a file. You can’t just export your Twine file and upload it to Newgrounds. You’ll need to save it as a zip file by following the steps below.

Step 1. Export your game from Twine


Step 2. Rename your file index.html


Step 3. Send the file to a zip folder


You can name your zip folder whatever you want, but it will look like this:


That’s the file you can upload to Newgrounds. The rest of the process is the same as uploading any game to Newgrounds. Just make sure to choose the zip folder and not the html file.

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