Why Newgrounds? Wondermeow interview

The first featured creator in the Why Newgrounds? series of interviews is Wondermeow! Take it away:

What do you create? Art, cartoons, music, games, etc?
Cartoons, art, moving into making games


What inspires you to create?
My general love for cartoons and the want to do my own thing

How do you keep yourself motivated? Do you work in short bursts of inspiration or do you have a daily routine?
I keep myself motivated by working a little each time on several different projects to keep variety ongoing. Watching cartoons in general and writing short scripts see where it leads me.

What do you do when you hit a creative block?
Come back onto this awesome site and watch other creative artist for inspiration.


How do you deal with trolls online and in real life?
Just ignore them and remember that they don’t really have anything better to do but waste my time.

Have you ever created something you thought turned out pretty bad but then when you posted it online everyone else liked it more than your favorite creations? Why do you think that happens?
I think this happens a lot more then we really want it to; I believe it’s due to personal opinion.

Has rejection ever affected your creative process?
No, I do what I want to do and remind myself I do this as a passion as much as it’s a hobby for me slash extra cash on the side.

What is the best advice you ever received?
Keep at it


What do you do when you’re not creating or posting on Newgrounds? Do you have a job? Are you a student?
I work as an Audio Visual Technician by day and at night as a bar attendant

What does the internet mean to you?
A way to reach out to a larger audience

Why Newgrounds?
Clearly the best site ever ^^

What is your favorite accomplishment? Post a link if it’s available online!
Managing to work on my personal series The Wish:


Do you enjoy sharing your work with others or do you prefer to go unnoticed? Why?
I enjoy sharing my work to others and hoping they enjoy watching what I produce as an animator


What do you wish to accomplish with your art? Is it a hobby or do you plan on making it a career?
I wish I could turn my animation from hobby to full time but at this stage I’m a freelancer

Do you ever feel that you have to censor your creativity because you don’t want to offend anyone?
I don’t tend to do anything that impacts people on an offences or sexual level I keep all my work family friendly this is a personal choice.

Do you have your own “style” or do you just make whatever feels right at the time?
I like playing with my art form and learn to do new things to get better so my art changes every now and then

Do you believe it’s important to get good reviews and have lots of followers or is just doing what you love to do enough to justify your work?
To do what I love, reviews and followers is not something I focus on


Do you ever find yourself limited by the materials that you have available?
I think in a way we kind of all feel that way if we had just a little bit more cash to improve ill artistic work environment slash equipment

What advice would you give someone just starting out?
Watch YOUTUBE and practice, practice, practice……

Where can we find out more about your work? Post links to your Newgrounds page, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, website, or anywhere else we can find you on the web!


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