Why Newgrounds? How I used Newgrounds to build a growing business

This guest post is written by ItsChickenPIES

What Newgrounds means to me
Newgrounds is the undisputed champion of creativity. The website is built on the creations of talented people from around the world and it has impacted so many people since it’s launch in 1995. Born in 1998 I didn’t start using Newgrounds until 2010 before I created my account ItsChickenPIES in 2012.


I began animating on Ms Paint with my trusty mouse when I was about 12 years old and my content was… interesting to say the least. I remember the first time I uploaded to Newgrounds I was blown away by how supportive the users were to me and my awful creations. Real, honest feedback was sometimes hard to take but always valid and vital for improvement. This feedback is something you cannot find on any other website in the world. As the years went by the standards for good animations increased, now I see newcomers releasing animations that I couldn’t dream of making back when I first began making pixels move. Newgrounds has had a profound impact on my life like it has on so many others and I’m here to tell you how I used the platform to build a growing business.

A bit about myself
I always knew I would never be within the ranks of OneyNG, Felix Colgrave, Yotam Perel when it came to my animated videos, my only real ‘success’ came with my ‘TRUMP BUILDS A WALL’ animation that now has around 50,000 views. Why am I not in those ranks? Well because I’m comfortably average, and that’s OK because I love animation and I love the process of creating a video for the people to get enjoyment out of. I know I’m not an award-winning artist but that doesn’t matter because to me animation is an escape from all of the real shit that goes on in everyday life. If animation was my job then it wouldn’t feel like a hobby. I knew a career in online animation was probably not a suitable path to take; I wanted to do something within the creative community which is why I created Scribble Ship.


How I used Newgrounds to create a business
Aside from spending hours on Newgrounds playing flash games, watching videos and so on, I also used the platform to find talented artists for my business www.scribbleship.com. I have always had a passion for business since a young age and I have been heavily involved in the artistic community for a while, so I designed a business that combined my two greatest passions. I started by messaging all of the artists I knew from Newgrounds to collect a small amount of artwork. From there I began scouting the art portal for any potential artists who would be willing to become a part of the project and we are now picking up new artists every week.

Newgrounds is the perfect platform to find new and exciting content. Even if your business isn’t art related I would highly recommend business owners checking out the art portal for inspiration alone. For me, however, Newgrounds is more than a platform to find amazing creators, it’s also a community. One artist quickly lead to another and before I knew it I had enough contacts to begin building the foundations of my business.

What is Scribble Ship?
Scribble Ship is an online platform that allows independent artists to sell their designs on our products. When a product sells the artist gets paid a commission and we handle everything from producing to shipping the products. Every piece of artwork is specifically selected by us to help control the quality of our products, unlike other companies that allow anyone to upload and make money from artwork that they have not even created. We are tailored for the creators (like Newgrounds) and as the business grows the better the website becomes for the artists.

My goal is to create the world’s fairest platform for independent artists to have another source of income allowing them to continue to do what they love. Like Newgrounds, I want to be able to drive creativity which is why I tell all of our artists to draw what they want to draw, let the creative juice flow!


Let’s wrap this baby up
To summarize I now have a great excuse to say I’m working when my girlfriend catches me on ‘Toss the Turtle’ (no pun intended) and it’s all thanks to Newgrounds. I love the community and I would urge anyone who loves the site to consider supporting it, you get some awesome perks and you can sleep well knowing you’re helping to fuel creativity.

Thanks to KungFuSpaceBarbarian for letting me hijack his blog for the day.
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