What I’m listening to

I like to listen to soundtracks when I write games to get me in the right mindset. I’ll post “what I’m listening to” updates with each new game, but here’s my list for the games I wrote before Patreon:
Frostfall– I listened to soundtracks for Skyrim and Diablo while writing this adventure. There were also a few “dungeon ambience” tracks taken from an assortment of games like Baldur’s Gate and Oblivion that helped me along.
Moonbright– I don’t remember listening to music while writing this one. A lot of this game was written in a notebook on the train to work and during random bits of free time, but if I did put music on it was all the same music as when I was writing Frostfall.
Mon Magma– Same as above.
Vortex– A pirate adventure called for pirate music! This was a couple weeks of listening to the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack.
Dreadnaughts– This was my “Kung fu” game, and I listened to the Jade Empire soundtrack on repeat for days on end. The music was so awesome in that game and it put me in exactly the right frame of mind.
Exile– My current writing project is a science fantasy adventure similar to the Barsoom stories and Almuric. Sword & planet is probably my all time favorite genre, but it isn’t a very popular one. I’m actually considering very strongly putting all future Crypt Shyfter games in this genre starting with Exile. It would certainly fit well with the whole Kung fu space barbarian thing. Anyway, I’ve been listening to the soundtracks for Halo and StarCraft, two of my favortie games ever, while writing this one.
What kind of music do you guys listen to when you’re trying to get “in the zone”?

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