Colossus Cover Art and WIPs

Following Exile will be another space adventure called Crypt Shyfter: Colossus. The cover art was done by DarkDarren and it features someone who may look familiar from Frostfall
But I thought he was dead! Didn’t I kill him!?
I don’t have a full synopsis for this game yet but I’ll create a new post once I do.
My games don’t have art in them, but I am a sucker for really cool artwork. I’ve been working with a few artists (mostly folks I met on Newgrounds) to create cool cover images.
The above image is the “in progress” sketch DarkDarren sent me while working on the cover for Crypt Shyfter: Colossus. I thought it would be cool to share!
A few of the artists I’ve worked with have sent in progress sketches to get my input before doing the final inking and coloring, so when I get any future sketches like that I’ll also share those here. Watching art being made is super awesome 🙂
I’m also working with PhantomArcade on a cover for an upcoming game, and he’s sent two in progress pictures so far. I can’t wait to see the finished image!
He looks like a Jason Momoa version of the KungFuSpaceBarbarian XD

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