Why Newgrounds? BoxerBraydog interview

Today’s featured Why Newgrounds? creator is BoxerBraydog!

What do you create? Art, cartoons, music, games, etc?
Although, I haven’t published anything to NG yet (Well, I did, but then I deleted all of it), I’m planning on making a bunch of stuff. Right now I’m trying to make cartoons for the Portal.

What inspires you to create?
Whenever I want to create something, I look at something almost just like it. For instance, if I wanna draw, I look at a bunch of stuff on the Art Portal and then I get a good idea of what I want to create.

How do you keep yourself motivated? Do you work in short bursts of inspiration or do you have a daily routine?
It’s random. There’s a lot of moments where I’m completely bored out of my mind, so I just think of something I can make. I don’t have a schedule or anything. It’s just…random.

What do you do when you hit a creative block?
I honestly handle creative blocks horribly. It may take a few minutes or a few days to finally figure out what to do next. All else fails I completely scrap everything and start something new(Again, Horrible with creative blocks).

How do you deal with trolls online and in real life?
I would ignore it. Because that’s quite frankly the most healthy thing you can do.

Have you ever created something you thought turned out pretty bad but then when you posted it online everyone else liked it more than your favorite creations? Why do you think that happens?
I recall making a rather awful short film on my iPad titled “Killed”( https://youtu.be/K7fw4jAt6-A ) that to this day I hate with all my rage. Story, Camera Quality, Sound Quality, Score, the whole bit. It was a complete mess. Yet, a few people have talked about it in the comments. Why it happened is completely beyond me(But when it stops, I will throw a parade knowing I can finally delete the god-awful thing).

Has rejection ever affected your creative process?
I believe that rejection is both natural and vital to one’s creative process. Rejection is helpful when constructive criticism is involved. If someone just says “lol that sucked”, it’s absolutely useless and doesn’t help to improve at all. But if they go in depth as to WHY it sucked, then things would be much, much easier. Constructive Criticism is good for the creative process. Troll comments are hardly any good.

What is the best advice you ever received?
Quality is better than quantity. That’s it. That’s the only thing that I can say is the best (I don’t get a lot of advice unfortunately).

What do you do when you’re not creating or posting on Newgrounds? Do you have a job? Are you a student?
There are occasions where I’m doing charity work for cancer kids (There was a time in my life when I actually went through such pain). You can find me sitting around doing absolutely nothing.

What does the internet mean to you?
That one place where being a weirdo is not only the norm, but it makes you money!

Why Newgrounds?
Newgrounds has just about all the right things. I mentioned earlier about constructive criticism. Newgrounds is the perfect place to get it thanks to the Blam/Protection system. Also, Newgrounds isn’t as much as a sugarcoated hub as other social platforms are. It’s not a place where you can just say “Hey, it’s my birthday” and sit back as hundreds of people say “Have a nice day” and crap like that *cough cough Facebook cough*. You have to actually EARN one’s respect. Whether your reviewing content or showcasing your talent, you can’t just be a douche from Sweden uploading videos of you playing Minecraft. You have to have an actual talent and/or purpose to the community. It really helps you as a creator. The community isn’t also a bunch of spammers, they’re creative individuals. Even the creator of the site, Tom Fulp, is incredibly interactive with the users (Something a lot of sites don’t have). Newgrounds is underrated, and that’s not fair even in the slightest bit when you think of the impact it’s had on creators (Thomas Ridgewell, Dominic Fera, Robert Benfer, Jason Steele, and so many others all started on NG!). Newgrounds is just…GOOD. There’s really nothing else I can say. All it needs is more time to grow and it WILL be as big as other platforms (Like it truly deserves to be).


What is your favorite accomplishment? Post a link if it’s available online!
I make these videos on YT very briefly teaching the history of certain things, and they’re fun to make! Here’s one I did for Newgrounds https://youtu.be/OajkhDfsazo

Do you enjoy sharing your work with others or do you prefer to go unnoticed? Why?
For now, I’d like to go unnoticed because I’m not proud of the stuff I’ve created. I’ll wait until I acquire the skills and tools I need to progress.

What do you wish to accomplish with your art? Is it a hobby or do you plan on making it a career?
I most definitely plan on turning my creativity into a career, but for now it’s a hobby.

Do you ever feel that you have to censor your creativity because you don’t want to offend anyone?
No. I want my work to be available to people. So if in the future I ever make something and then think that it may offend people, I scrap the part that offends said people.

Do you have your own “style” or do you just make whatever feels right at the time?
It comes down to what I’m making. Overall, everything I make is a rip-off of what I see and hear (My art is basically a bootleg Eddsworld, the fore mentioned history videos are bootleg “footofaferrot” videos, etc.).


Do you believe it’s important to get good reviews and have lots of followers or is just doing what you love to do enough to justify your work?
Both. Because I can’t enjoy my “job” if I’m not doing what I love and I can’t have a stable “job” if I don’t have good reviews and a good chunk of fans. Simple :3

Do you ever find yourself limited by the materials that you have available?
Yes, incredibly. I use GarageBand for music, Adobe Draw for drawing animations and iMovie for editing them. I’m basically living the definition of the word “limit”.

What advice would you give someone just starting out?
You’re just gonna have to accept the fact that you’re gonna suck in the beginning. It may to take weeks or years (should you be so lucky) to find success.

Then again, that’s just me (Somebody with a whopping 43 subs on a platform as simple as youtube).

Where can we find out more about your work? Post links to your Newgrounds page, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, website, or anywhere else we can find you on the web!
Newgrounds https://boxerbraydog.newgrounds.com
DeviantArt https://braydogartz.deviantart.com
My Website http://braydogproductions.wixsite.com/braydogproductions


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