Why Newgrounds? MinecraftGirl2 interview

Today’s featured Why Newgrounds? creator is MinecraftGirl2!

What do you create? Art, cartoons, music, games, etc?
I mostly create art and stories on NG, but I am also busy with my creativity all the time. In my free time I like making little games or little stories on paper with characters. I always try to find something new to try; that is why I love ideas from others. I also design a lot; like tiny houses, or for just a room, or decoration. I love doing and thinking of new ways to make something look awesome and just nice to look at. I am also designing a game. I am not a programmer but I am thinking of the whole world and putting that together but that is for a later project I want to create.

What inspires you to create?
What inspires me to create are games. I started 2 years ago with drawing as a hobby. That was because in the game Second Son I saw graffiti and I wanted to make that. I was always creative but I never thought I would do something with it. Every day I am inspired by all the games I see and people around me. They give me ideas and hope to keep going even though I am not a professional like a lot of people on NG. Also I can make people happy with my creations; that makes my day.


How do you keep yourself motivated? Do you work in short bursts of inspiration or do you have a daily routine?
My friends mostly help me with motivation. Sometimes I have my off days where I feel I have no chance in the world with my art, but they tell me to keep going and I tell myself that as well. The support off all the people around me keeps me going. It makes me happy if I can brighten up someone’s day. It also depends with me a lot on how I am feeling whether or not I want to make something. Sometimes I can draw for hours and sometimes I don’t feel like doing anything at all. I guess it is my mood :p

What do you do when you hit a creative block?
I usually don’t hit a creative block. I am always full of ideas but when it accrues, which is very rare, I go and look at others or ask my friends what I should make. This way I keep myself inspired and full of energy to do new things. I always search for something I haven’t done yet so I can try it out.

How do you deal with trolls online and in real life?
I haven’t dealt with a lot of trolls and that is great, but if someone is trolling me I can do 2 things: one, I just ignore them because they are not worth my time; or two, I tell them the truth and usually that is kinda blunt, but most of the time they leave me alone after that.


Have you ever created something you thought turned out pretty bad but then when you posted it online everyone else liked it more than your favorite creations? Why do you think that happens?
Nope, I never had that. It is usually the other way around for me. But if it would happen I think it is because you are harsher to yourself than others. They don’t see the little mistakes you made while you can clearly see them.

Has rejection ever affected your creative process?
Yes it unfortunately has. I felt a lot of times that I was not good enough, that I shouldn’t be on the art portal at all because my art wasn’t worth looking at. But I learned and tell myself that everyone needs to start somewhere and even the biggest creators started with some lines and turned later into amazing artists. That’s how I keep my motivation going as well.

What is the best advice you ever received?
I got it from someone I know. When I feel a bit down and I want to move forward with my art I go ask him for advice. He gave me some advice over what I could study and a lot of people helped me to shade better.

Why Newgrounds?
Hmm…. why Newgrounds? I don’t know. This was the first site I knew where I could post my art. I stumbled on it trough Markiplier’s channel. He was playing a game and I checked out NG and after a year I decided to post art and stories to see how it would go. And I must say it’s a great community to be a part off ^_^


Do you enjoy sharing your work with others or do you prefer to go unnoticed? Why?
I like to be in the middle of those two. I want to show others my art so I can make them feel better or make them happy, but I don’t want to be in the front spotlight. Why? Because I am kinda an introvert and don’t know how to handle too much attention yet. I want to learn how I can interact better with people and if I am in the front spotlight I think I wouldn’t know how to react.

What do you wish to accomplish with your art? Is it a hobby or do you plan on making it a career?
I hope I can make a job out of it one day and otherwise maybe have an art/game channel for myself. I would love to do that but I need to improve a lot and keep drawing to eventually become a great artist.

Do you ever feel that you have to censor your creativity because you don’t want to offend anyone?
No not really, I think if you want to draw something you should go for it. Maybe it will turn out better than you think. But these days someone can be offended by anything so I don’t think that would change a lot. I just want to make what I want to make and try out other things, but I don’t like to be controlled by others’ thoughts.

Do you have your own “style” or do you just make whatever feels right at the time?
My style changes a lot but like I said a millions times before XD

I like trying out new things, so when I see a style I like I try it out and every time I do that it ads something to my own style and I really like that.

Do you believe it’s important to get good reviews and have lots of followers or is just doing what you love to do enough to justify your work?
I think that I love what I do enough that it doesn’t matter if I have 1 follower or 40 like now. That is just a huge compliment and a huge surprise that people want to follow me either way. It’s a huge support and that is nice once in a while but it is not the most important thing. Although I find it important to thank those people once in a while as well ^_^

Do you ever find yourself limited by the materials that you have available?
Yes, a lot. I have some black ink pens and a pencil and that is it most of the time. I would love to try out alcohol pens and color my drawings, but that is kinda hard if you can’t find them anywhere or if you don’t have the money for it. But I do with what I have and am always happy when I get a new tool to work with ^_^

What advice would you give someone just starting out?
Believe in yourself and your skills. Maybe you’re not the best of the best but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you enjoy what you’re doing and if people like it that is awesome, but never let others change you into a person who only does it for likes because you lose your drive that way. Also, always ask if you have questions about things ^_^

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I only have Newgrounds for now.


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