Do I need to play the games in order?
Only if you’re a hardcore badass.

When is the next adventure coming out?
I don’t know. I post new games whenever I finish writing them, which can take a few weeks or a few months. You can check for new adventures here.

What software do you use to make games?
The space gods have gifted me with this free program called Twine, and now I am sharing it with you. Go forth and write a text adventure!

Do you get paid for this?
There are some very generous badasses who support the series financially, but it isn’t my job- it’s just a fun hobby. If you’d like to support Crypt Shyfter, click here.

Why haven’t you responded to my tweet/comment/holographic message?
I try to stay off social media as much as possible. It’s bad for my health and kills my productivity as a writer. Send me an email if you need to get in touch.

I want to buy the rights to Crypt Shyfter for a million dollars. Let’s get lunch sometime. 

Can I send you ideas for your next Crypt Shyfter game?
No thanks! It’s really cool that my work has inspired you in some way and I appreciate the support, but I have enough of my own ideas to last a lifetime.

We should totally be writing partners!
I work best alone.

Can I write my own Crypt Shyfter adventure?
Knock yourself out. Just don’t sell your games or try to make money off them without getting a written agreement between us first.

What is best in life?
Eating pizza, playing video games, and killing Shyfters.

Are your games based on D&D adventures you’ve played?
Some of the early games are, but most adventures are just stories I made up.

Who does your cover art?
Some cool cats on Newgrounds. If you want kickass art just find an artist you like and ask if they do commissions. Very few people say no when you wave money at them.

Will you ever make a game with graphics?
Probably not. I’m a writer, not a game developer.

Why KungFuSpaceBarbarian?
It’s a funny name that reminds me to keep making things I would have liked when I was 10. If I’m writing stories about robots, pirates, sword fights, aliens, gladiators, or anything like that, I know my 10-year-old self would be sitting on the sidelines clapping and shouting, “Aw man that’s going to be SO COOL! Put in another fight scene! I wanna see some GUTS!” Also, naughty scenes with dirty words would have made me giggle.

Gee willikers, KuFuSpaBa, this was the best FAQ ever!
Is that a question?