Where my head is at today

I wanted to start jotting down some of my daily thoughts. These won’t be long posts, but it seems like every day I’m consumed by some all encompassing desire to learn about something.

I figured I’d post what I think about on here for anyone who stumbles across it.

Today it’s a train of thought along the lines of long term success, overnight success, and just success in general.

Everyone wants success, right? I don’t think I’ve met anyone who doesn’t want to be successful. But I don’t know if most people (myself included) can define what success looks like.

Is it having a million dollars? Ten million? Is it a certain number of subscribers or followers? Is it a number at all?

Maybe it’s waking up every day excited to do what you’re about to do. But in that case money is kinda a prerequisite. You can’t just got hiking for three days if you don’t have money to pay for your expenses when you get back. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck you can’t just skip work.

Luckily (I don’t like that word much) I took an interest in finance pretty quickly and learned all I could about money and investing. I act like I’m living paycheck to paycheck but I’m not. Not really.

At this point I could quit my job for a year and do whatever the fuck I want and be fine. That’s not long enough though.

Once I build up 25x my annual expenses I can quit work for good and survive off my investments forever, provided I withdraw 4% of my portfolio each year.

Naturally I’m not going to sit on the beach and play golf all day. I love working too much.

I just like working on my own shit. Unfortunately my own shit is weird creative crap that doesn’t make money. I’d be a fucking awesome entrepreneur if I could make myself give a shit about real products.

But I don’t. I just like writing wacky stories in strange formats, like webcomics or short films or interactive fiction. None of which are highly profitable.

Oh well.

I seem to be rambling. This is super stream of consciousness so you’re probably confused as fuck if you’re following along with this.

I was talking about success in the beginning. Wanna know something?

Crypt Shyfter will be hugely popular someday. How do I know that?

Because I bust my ass working on it every day. Because I posted the first game in June and just finished my 8th game and there’s no end in sight.

Because I work with the best artists on the planet. Because my subscribers grow every time I post a new game. Because people give me their email addresses so I can send them early access games and pay me on Patreon even though the games are free.

Because people send me their own Crypt Shyfter games, make game play videos, and submit story ideas.

Because for some weird reason that I can’t fathom, people are falling in love with the series so much that they want to contribute to it and help it grow.

They want to make it their own.

And that’s fucking cool.

It won’t be an overnight success. I don’t think such a thing exists. You may never have heard about something until it blows up and becomes super popular, but I can guarantee those guys behind it are like me.

They don’t go out to bars and fuck around on the weekends. They’re slaving away constantly, working late nights and weekends, consumed by what they do.

They don’t give up.

Even when they get shitty comments. Even when they’ve had a few small successes and then suddenly they smack into a string of failures. They push forward. They keep going.

Not stupidly, of course. Some things need to be given up. My cartoons, for example. They were not good, but there was an idea there.

All I had to do was change the format to unlock the potential behind that idea.

I don’t know how to end this post but I’m finished now.

I’ll post again later.

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