Today’s thoughts 

Crypt Shyfter: Starwisp is available to patrons and email subscribers now. If you want early access to future games you can sign up for the email blast (free) or extra early access on Patreon (minimum $1/month). You can find links on this site.

The new cover is still in progress so once that’s finished I’ll post the game. The art is NSFW this time around, and there’s a really steamy (and funny) sex scenes in the game.

I don’t write many sex scenes but they’re fun to do. I always joke about writing comedy erotica under a silly pen name like “The Unsavory gentleman” or something. My tagline would be “laugh until you cum!”

Maybe someday I’ll do that. I do get a kick out of writing absurd scenes and using words like shlong, man cannon, and garden of magical wonders. Like really bad fan fiction type stuff, but intentional and funny.

So keep your eyes peeled for pictures of naked people, when you see that you’ll know the new adventure is ready to be played. 

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