WIP cover art


This awesome work-in-progress was created by omenakettu, who also created the cover art for Titanium Phantom. It’s looking really cool- can’t wait to see the finished version! This cover will be for Crypt Shyfter: Rise of Skagg. It features our barbarian hero and good ole’ dicknose himself.

I never intended to make Skagg a recurring villain. He was the main villain in the very first game, and I intended to leave it at that. But when I asked DarkDarren to create a new cover with a Shyfter on it, I sent him reference images of Skagg to show him what a Shyfter can look like.

I must not have been very clear, because I think he thought I wanted him to draw Skagg! But it worked out for the best in the end. Now there are thousands of clones of Skagg spread throughout the multiverse, spreading their evil and always plaguing our valiant hero. It was a happy accident, and now he’s here to stay!


This next one is an updated WIP by IkaroKruz. I haven’t settled on a title for this adventure yet, but this cover features your good buddy Thrakk! Yeah, he’ll be back again to supply you with some cool new alien gear.

It’s pretty neat seeing the cast of characters being brought to life by talented artists on Newgrounds. These are all wacky creatures that only existed in my imagination but they’ve slowly become more and more real with each passing game, which is super cool.

If you want to check out more Crypt Shyfter artwork, check out the gallery here.

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