The Moonbright Template


Plotting your own text adventure or RPG adventure? I’ve got you covered! The Moonbright Template is the basic structure I use to chart out my Crypt Shyfter games.
As you’ll see, my games don’t follow the template 100% all the time, but it is a great starting point for mapping out your games.

I grouped things in 3’s, but you can present your players with as many options as you want. Some of my games feature more branches than are shown here- in that case, I just cut and paste sections where I need to.

If players have a chance to deviate during the “getting there” section that leads to a totally new adventure, I’d just graph that to a “Resolution” and pick up the story at “Arrival,” but write a new “Arrival” scene.

This would lead to TWO possible Arrivals, which in turn lead to their own Options and Resolutions. Feel free to expand as much as you want!

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