Ultimate Badasses – December 2017

I have the Ultimate Badasses page set up now, and originally I was going to keep a running list of badasses on there, but I think it’d be kinda neat to keep track of the new badasses every month.

I started the list in September/October and already it has swelled to 50 subscribers, so I think it’ll be neat to be able to look back at specific dates, like December 2017, and be like “Oh hey! 50 subscribers then! Now it’s at 3000! Super cool!”

I’ll be pulling down the list every month, so I’m not just copy/pasting over old names and tacking on new folks. If anyone drops next month they won’t be included on the list since they won’t be on the list I pull down! So if you want to be listed as an Ultimate Badass, make sure you sign up and stay signed up 😉

Anyway, here’s the December 2017 list of Ultimate Badasses. Thank you all for your support!

  • HeRoBlowe
  • Phronemophobia
  • TheDoubleOne
  • Smoncko
  • RedPhoenix
  • jordylll
  • Lost
  • nocryer
  • Jorge Luiz
  • Axe_Weiding_Dragonborn
  • Admiral Autistic
  • kamoplaj
  • Mortdecai
  • Cker
  • Kardor
  • Benjaskwi
  • Adrul gra Amgarrak
  • Marcus
  • Corypheus
  • Philburn the cultured
  • Baladorf
  • Kosmo
  • KarimXYZ
  • Chef Excellence
  • Jacob Ironstorm
  • Rinkin
  • Modius Deathgripper
  • zach
  • Emma987
  • Juan Carlos
  • PopFizzy
  • juliet
  • Ajbankz
  • Marcin
  • company.inc
  • Donovan
  • Craig
  • darkchaos125
  • Fadhill
  • Wallac
  • Jet
  • Ron
  • Thimothy
  • Blaize
  • Mihai769
  • Kiranis
  • Ewolf
  • Sir Tobis
  • NOPE.
  • paige

Want to become an Ultimate Badass? Click here!

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