A new Crypt Shyfter is on Newgrounds!

Happy Robot Day 2017 fellow Newgrounds people! What better way to celebrate Robot Day than by killing armies of shapeshifting cyborgs?

You can play the new Crypt Shyfter here: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/703323?updated=1512913133

The game has switched titles a few times- it started as Colossus, then changed to Starwisp, and now it’s flipped back to Colossus. I’m too indecisive and that’s why I need to work fast, publish quickly, and move onto the next thing.

If I finish one project and then just let it sit there, completed but unseen by human eyes, I’ll beat myself up over it and agonize over every detail, usually making things worse. So I gotta move fast- that way I don’t have time to doubt myself.

It’s been working so far!

Anyway, go play Colossus and let me know what you think. Happy Robot Day!

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