Real time feedback

One of my favorite parts of sharing Crypt Shyfter is getting feedback from readers. It’s really neat to see how people interact with this wacky world I created.

Some of you guys become subscribers or add a game to your favorites and I never hear from you again.

Others join the email list and peruse the new updates (or maybe just mark them as spam, I don’t know).

But then there are the commenters. Commenters are a very very very tiny portion of the players. I think my like game got like 20k views and maybe 10 comments. It’s a miniscule percentage but the feedback has helped shape the direction of new games.

Some of you guys comment on every single game, sharing what you like and what you don’t like, pointing out logic errors and typos, and just say whether or not the newest entry is a worthy addition to the Crypt Shyfter universe.

These comments are by far the most helpful since they help me make the current game better by making me aware of current issues I can fix, but I also learn what to avoid or add in the next installment.

However, there is one rare breed of commenters that has captured my heart above all. These are the folks who don’t give technical feedback or game development advice, but who instead connect with the world and the characters in each game.

These are the folks who sign off with phrases like Makkana or Badass and who take lingo from the games and use it in our discussion. These guys and gals post their theories for future adventures, guess who will be shipped with who, and yell at me when I kill off a character they loved.

These commenters are also usually late to the party, but that’s what makes them so special.

These are the people who stumbled into Crypt Shyfter by accident 8 games in. They comment on one and then realize there are more games in the series, and as I refresh my page over the next hour or two I can see them posting comments in real time as they make their way through each new game in the series.

This is super exciting for me! I am now at a point where there is enough of a backlog that new players can find one and binge-read the rest for the next couple hours just like they would any of their favorite stories.

This is so cool because by the time these readers show up, I’ve already gotten all the technical feedback and made each game as good as possible. They don’t see the bumps in the road, they just get a full on immersive experience into the world, where they get to be the hero and where there are tons of adventures ahead of them.

That’s so fucking cool, and I can’t wait to make more and connect with more awesome people like you guys who just want to be transported into a magical world of heroes and evil shitbags- I mean Shyfters.



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