Welcome newcomers!

Hey there!

Hope 2018 has found you all doing well. Just checked my stats and saw we got 10 new badasses that jumped on board in the last two days, so if you’re one of the new folks: WELCOME!

Newest Adventure

To catch everyone up on things, here’s what’s going down: Crypt Shyfter: Rebellion was posted on Christmas day and got Frontpaged and 2nd place on Newgrounds. It’s currently up for consideration for a monthly award (along with Crypt Shyfter: Colossus) so if you’ve been selected to vote this month, please consider voting for Crypt Shyfter 😉

The Next Adventure

This month’s game is going to be a prequel to Dreadnaughts. I won’t give away too much, but Dreadnaughts has been the game folks have asked for more of (whether that be a prequel or a sequel) so I decided to take a quick break from the sword & planet adventures to jump back into good ol’ fashioned kung fu.

mogy64 did an awesome job on the cover art featuring Lord Hawk, so get ready for more robot-dick action!

Legend of Silver Wolf, Master of the Grey Blade by mogy64

Future Plans

I sorta fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to this stuff, so I can’t promise anything other than a new game each month. But I do have some goals I’d like to hit this year.

Mainly, I’d like to wrap up the “kungfuspacebarbarian” saga that started with Exile. This will likely take up most of the year, but once that story arc is wrapped up I’ll be able to move back into unrelated one-shots that can take place in the classic fantasy realms of the first few games, in kung fu land, or in outer space (basically whatever catches my imagination at the time).

It’s tough to keep a long story going, and even tougher to keep it interesting all the way through, so I hope I don’t lose the threads on this series. If you’re keeping tabs, here’s the current projected order of the games:

  1. Exile (released)
  2. Colossus (released)
  3. Rebellion (released)
  4. Atomic Angel (Feb 2018)
  5. Titanium Phantom (March 2018)
  6. Oathbreaker (April 2018)
  7. Abandoned Universe (May 2018)
  8. Photon’s Fury (June 2018)
  9. Starwisp (July 2018)
  10. Outlaw (August 2018)
  11. Rise of Skagg (September 2018)
  12. Infinity (October 2018)

That should wrap up the “main” series. The titles listed above are the adventures that will definitely fall into place. That doesn’t mean the order is 100% right, or that I won’t add new games in between there, but as of right now that’s the direction we’re heading.

Of course I won’t be ending Crypt Shyfter after that, just that particular story arc. I may tackle new story arcs with you as a barbarian, or focus on one-shots like Frostfall and Moonbright, or even try to do one really long game.

I’ve toyed with the idea of an “open world” game before, one that’s less story driven and more open to exploration, but I never finished it. I think I have a solid base for a game like that now, but whether or not that ever gets made… we’ll see.

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for Crypt Shyfter: Legend of Silver Wolf, Master of the Grey Blade later this month! (How’s that for a title?)