The Crypt Shyfter series – ranked

There were 9 Crypt Shyfter adventures posted in 2017 and the 10th game is on the horizon. Let’s take a look back at the series and see how the games stack up according to their ratings on Newgrounds.

9. Mon Magma

The shortest adventure in the series is unsurprisingly the lowest ranked as well. This short, simple adventure begins with you locked in a volcanic prison. As you attempt to escape you encounter puzzles, traps, dragon men, and finally the Shyfter Kaldaris. 

8. Spooktacular

The Newgrounds Halloween special is the only episode in the series where you play as an evil Shyfter. The adventure follows your journey to hunt down and destroy the Lords of Madness, in either an attempt to consume their power or banish them from the mortal realm for good.

7. Colossus

Continuing the story started in Exile, Colossus introduces new allies (the Sisterhood of the Star-Forged Sword) and a deadly new enemy… The Atomic Angel!

Your adventure takes you across the deserts of Fuzonia as you hunt down a ravenous space vampire. After locating the crashed Andraxxan mothership (the Colossus) you step through a portal and enter the world of Bo, populated by Mush-Mads and vampires.

This is the first game in the series to feature an in-depth, graphic sex scene. Steamy!

6. Rebellion

This reimagining of the Spartacus story sees you battling the evil Gorlons as you fight to free yourself and the other slaves from their sinister clutches. Rebellion is the most recent game to date.

5. Dreadnaughts

The longest adventure in the series features a more open world game, giving you the freedom to choose the path of good or evil from the start.

This game features lots of fun twists and turns, and includes battles with Shyfters, spirits, Dreadnaughts, and even the Allfather himself.

4. Exile

The Kung Fu Space Barbarian game! This is the first adventure in the sword & planet saga, introducing players to the Fuzonians, Andraxxans, and the evil Star King.

Play as barbarian royalty who is flung across the stars and caught up in an intergalactic war thousands of light years away!

3. Frostfall

The original Crypt Shyfter game! This is the only adventure in the series to feature artwork in the game, and apparently the first game still holds up among the rest of the series, sitting at #3.

The adventure is linear like Mon Magma but features fun secrets and different classes to choose from.

2. Moonbright

The second highest rated adventure is also the second in the series. Moonbright follows the player’s quest to discover the mystery of a witch hiding in the village of Moonbright. Filled with quiet horror and fun surprises, this adventure has become a fan favorite among the series.

1. Vortex

Will you fight the Shyfter named Vortex or join his crystal army? Can you locate the lost pirates? Maybe you’ll encounter a dragon?

Vortex contains the most diverse endings in the series, leaving you free to explore and fight however you want. With more than double the amount of plays of most games in the series, Vortex not only sits at the #1 spot on the Crypt Shyfter list, it also became the #1 ranked mobile game of 2017 on Newgrounds. Kick ass!

What do you think of this list? Do you agree with the order? Which games were your favorite? Share your thoughts!

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