@thedoubleone is hosting a Crypt Shyfter competition! He’s giving away CDs and a couple mystery prizes for the winners. To enter the competition you’ll need to create something Crypt Shyfter themed: art, music, writing, animation, a game, etc and tag it with #diskshyfter. @thedoubleone and @heroblowe will be judging the competition. Get your entries in by Feb 21! You can see samples of […]

Happy Robot Day 2017 fellow Newgrounds people! What better way to celebrate Robot Day than by killing armies of shapeshifting cyborgs? You can play the new Crypt Shyfter here: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/703323?updated=1512913133 The game has switched titles a few times- it started as Colossus, then changed to Starwisp, and now it’s flipped back to Colossus. I’m too indecisive […]

Plotting your own text adventure or RPG adventure? I’ve got you covered! The Moonbright Template is the basic structure I use to chart out my Crypt Shyfter games. As you’ll see, my games don’t follow the template 100% all the time, but it is a great starting point for mapping out your games. I grouped […]

This awesome work-in-progress was created by omenakettu, who also created the cover art for Titanium Phantom. It’s looking really cool- can’t wait to see the finished version! This cover will be for Crypt Shyfter: Rise of Skagg. It features our barbarian hero and good ole’ dicknose himself. I never intended to make Skagg a recurring villain. […]

This one’s for you, HeRoBlowe! KungFuSpaceBarbarian’s Super Secret Scientific Steps for Scribes Not the best alliteration and the title could use a bit of work, but let’s just go with it. My process isn’t actually secret or scientific. I also don’t really have a “formula,” even though I’m constantly looking for one. But, I do […]

(From my newsletter last night) Sorry for sending out two emails back-to-back, but there have been some unexpected developments and so I’m working to adapt on the fly. As some of you may have heard, Patreon recently announced some changes to their platform- really ugly changes that will hurt both patrons and creators. As a […]