I’m still around. I had planned on posting the new Crypt Shyfter today but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. I still have too much work to do on it before it’s ready, and I don’t wanna post a half assed game. So… Delayed. Again. I’m struggling to find a happy balance between […]

I’m still working on new Crypt Shyfters, and will have the next adventure posted in March for Newgrounds space month. But in the meantime I’ve been working on some short ebooks to help out anyone interested in writing their own text adventures or RPG campaigns. There are two out now, and I’ll be posting more […]

There are over 90 of you crazy weirdos now! Where are you all coming from? It’s going to take like 4 pages to list you all on the next game. That’s pretty badass 😉 Anyway, here’s the list of Ultimate Badasses for February 2018! HeRoBlowe Phronemophobia TheDoubleOne Vinny Scythe Rock Bock Ken monkeybombs96 Conan UndeniableButt77 […]

Oathbreaker by Lefvaid

Do I need to play the games in order? Only if you’re a hardcore badass. When is the next adventure coming out? I don’t know. I post new games whenever I finish writing them, which can take a few weeks or a few months. You can check for new adventures here. What software do you […]