Welcome New Readers!

Take a look around you. See that pile of glittering swords over there? Pick one up. Feel the weight of it. Give it a few good swings. ​Like how it feels in your hand?

Good. Then take it. It’s yours.

Just remember to take good care of it- you’ll need it on your next adventure. Welcome to the tribe, fellow badass.


I am the Kung Fu Space Barbarian and this little slice of the internet is the home of Crypt Shyfter, a series of single-player text adventure games set in a wacky fantasy world filled with magic, dinosaurs, pizza, and evil Shyfters!

If you think you’re hardcore enough to walk the path of the badass, click here to start with the very first Crypt Shyfter adventure. After you finish kicking the shit out of the Frozen King, feel free to work your way through each new game in the series, or jump around between any adventures that catch your interest.

New adventures are posted every month. Email subscribers get early access!