Where did all the graphics go?

Dude. Like, seriously. What the actual fudge-monkeys?

You realize it’s not 1976 anymore, right? Stop making text adventures! We have these things called graphics for a reason- put them in your damn games!


I hear ya. Trust me, I hear you loud and clear.

But there’s this really cool thing about text games: even though there are no graphics, you can still “see” what’s going on in your imagination- just like when you’re reading a book.

The only difference between a book and a text game is that in a text game YOU get to be the hero who does badass stuff, instead of reading about someone else do it.

It doesn’t cost me millions of dollars to send you into a musty, dark crypt filled with skeletons and mutant spiders, or make you feel the heat of a dragon’s breath as it swoops overhead, or show you the immensity of a floating castle silhouetted in the light of a full moon- I can just type the words and suddenly those things appear in your head!

It’s almost a bit like telepathy. Pretty cool, huh?

When I write about how there is a big beefy minotaur with a bloody axe standing in front of you, you can see that in your head without me needing to draw it. Do we see the same big beefy minotaur in our minds?


But maybe not. And that doesn’t matter one bit!

Maybe your minotaur has black fur and mine has brown fur. Maybe your minotaur has a nose ring and mine has a shaggy mohawk and a skull on his belt.

The cool thing is, we all get to see our ideal version of a minotaur!

Remember the 3rd Harry Potter movie with that werewolf that looked like… I don’t know… a hairless monkey or something? How freaking lame was that?

If I put art in my game in a style you hated or that conflicted with your view of what a werewolf should look like, you’d play it and be like “Man, this game SUCKS! That werewolf looks like poop!”

Even if the game story was exactly the same in both the all-text version and the fancy graphics version, you’d probably ditch the graphics game simply because it looked awful – I’ve done that plenty of times myself.

But with a game that’s all text, when you read about the werewolf, you see YOUR werewolf in your head- the biggest, hairiest, most badass werewolf of all time, with huge rippling muscles, razor sharp claws, and fangs dripping with blood.

And that is SO much more awesome than a crappy werewolf designed by some random guy!

Don’t believe me?